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Is the education system killing my love of teaching?

There are many things that concern me about teaching and the education system as a whole. I feel the best way to illustrate this is by producing a ridiculously long list about some of the things I worry about: teacher pay progress related pay destandardised pay structures with academies increased recording and paperwork pressures workload generally … Continue reading Is the education system killing my love of teaching?


What do we actually teach?

Summary - The knowledge based education system worries me and fails to teach vital life skills. This is a problem. As an adult, I find myself wishing I knew how to do 'stuff'. The stuff I wish I knew includes knowing how to look after my car and understand the engine, how to make stuff, … Continue reading What do we actually teach?

The Academy Problem

Flicking through twitter, I came across this article: Secret Teacher: becoming an academy destroyed my school and it is... sad. By sad, I don't mean the article is sad and I don't mean sad in the colloquial sense. I mean, the experiences that this teacher has had are, for want of a more effective word, sad. The … Continue reading The Academy Problem