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A return?

It has been some time since this blog was updated. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that I seem completely unable to multitask. I don't mean multitask in the literal 'doing two things in the same minute' sense, but rather my ability to focus on and think about more than one project … Continue reading A return?


Moving Key Stages

Familiarity is my friend. I like knowing roughly what is expected of me and how to carry out my job. That is all being turned on its head, as, for my next placement I will be stepping out of my comfort zone of key stage 2 (age 7-11) that I have happy sat in for … Continue reading Moving Key Stages

How do we find time? 

Over the summer I started this project when I had all the time in the world. My degree is somewhat representative of what it is like to work in a school, it's a full time job at a minimum, not including the other time I will need to spend on additional reading to widen my … Continue reading How do we find time? 


15 things I learnt as a first year trainee teacher

Recently my posts have been pretty heavy, so while I'm milling all of that over in my mind, I thought I would go for something more light-hearted. I worked as a teaching assistant for a number of years before starting university, I thought I knew a fair bit - well, here's what I've learnt in the … Continue reading 15 things I learnt as a first year trainee teacher