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Fairness and the power of an apology

As a child, and as a student now, the thing that has always turned me against teachers and lecturers is perceived unfairness, particularly in the form of being blamed or accused of something. During my first year working in schools as a teaching assistant, I experienced what it's like to be the unfair one. It … Continue reading Fairness and the power of an apology


Daily Prompt: Pretend

via Daily Prompt: Pretend 'Pretend' immediately brings out the educator in me. My brain, without hesitation, adds the word 'play' onto the end. Pretend play, or imaginative play is something I think is underrated by the people who write our curriculum, but in my experience, when you watch children on the playground who are comfortable … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Pretend

Meditation in the classroom

The Guardian recently published an article written by a teacher who uses meditation in her classroom, and it appears to have worked exceptionally well for her class. She reports that her children are 'calmer, kinder and more focused'. It makes an awful lot of sense, particularly in the way she organised it. She was able … Continue reading Meditation in the classroom