I set this blog up on a whim one day. A new project I suppose. Somewhere to record my thoughts on a variety of different things in life.

Topic wise it’s likely to be a mix. I expect there will be a fair few education / teaching / teacher training posts flying about, but amongst that I am sure there will be plenty of random thoughts and general topics.

I did a little explaining of why I started the blog in my first post, because sometimes I just want space to write out my thoughts, to explore and process an issue through writing. A diary would be good for that, but with a diary there’s no accountability. So a blog is where I settled. With a blog, I can post freely, without having to attach my name and social circles to it, without navigating my friends and whether they agree with me or not. But importantly, I still have to be accountable for what I say. People can still read what I am expressing and they can respond. I can’t simply form thoughts about issues without being prepared to back up my assertions. I need to have conviction and real evidence to support what I’m saying. Basically, what I’m saying has to be real and well-formed. In short – I need to actually think things through.

So, accountability and freedom. That’s what I’m going for here.

That’s based on the assumption that anyone does read it – I would love it if people wanted to read what I have to say and had things to say in return. Connecting with people who can both challenge and confirm my theories and thoughts would be the icing on the cake for me, but if that doesn’t happen? I’ll probably carry on writing anyway.


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