Moving Key Stages

Familiarity is my friend. I like knowing roughly what is expected of me and how to carry out my job. That is all being turned on its head, as, for my next placement I will be stepping out of my comfort zone of key stage 2 (age 7-11) that I have happy sat in for the last ~5 years and starting a placement in year 1 (age 5-6). 

Nervous doesn’t quite cut it, I’m pretty terrified because I’m really not sure of how this will pan out, whether I’ll love it or hate it. Or maybe I’ll be indifferent? Who knows. 

I may well be terrified of the unknown here, but under all of that, I really am quite excited. It is going to be a new challenge and it will certainly improve my teaching. I only have a theoretical knowledge of the early stages of schooling at the moment and at times, it has caused some challenges, particularly when working with children in key stage two who are still working at reception / year one levels. 

In summary: 

Terrified? Yes. 

Excited? Yes. 

Feverishly studying the key stage one curriculum? Oh god yes. 

We shall see how this pans out…


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