How do we find time? 

Over the summer I started this project when I had all the time in the world. My degree is somewhat representative of what it is like to work in a school, it’s a full time job at a minimum, not including the other time I will need to spend on additional reading to widen my understanding. 

It’s certainly more time consuming than when I have worked in schools before and certainly feels similar to the all consuming placements. 

I love my degree but I am forever struggling to find time to do my own projects, things I’m interested in perusing for myself and my own professional development. 

Time management is a problem and something I certainly haven’t got down yet, currently pretty much all of my ‘free’ time is scheduled for reading. The only reason I’m managing to post this now is that I’m standing in a train station with very little else I can do. 

So apologies for the lack of activity, it will increase… when that will happen is anyone’s guess! 


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